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​Breathing Ⅱ

This group of work is inspired by an experience with a breathing disorder. Through the dynamic interplay of body, light, and machinery, the essence of "Shanshui" is evoked by the endless reflections of mirrors and the rhythmic pulsations of the "machine's breath." As the paper jamming through the machine malfunctions, pixel distortions arise, leading to the reformation of mountains once the ink dissolves. The dialogue between the ink and machine makes the mirror-generated mountains into ink-drawn “Shanshui,” which is encoded as an unpredictable multi-temporal landscape in the machine’s language. This transformation merges the "breaths" of humans and machines, converting them into the vivid "life" of images through light - the spaciousness of time, where creation, destruction, and reformation redefine the intricate connections between humanity, and the environment, fostering an exploration of the reimagined vitality.

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